The 8 Network

Start making money with your app now.

Your users get sponsored. You make money.

It's that easy.

Happy users

Through our lightweight SDK, we serve sponsorship offers directly from advertisers to your users. They get sponsored, paid and rewarded, so they are happy - and you receive a large chunk of the revenue on the way through.

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Get smarter

We deliver powerful data analysis on your users so you can generate greater advertising premiums and revenues. Understand more about who your users are, what motivates them, and how to make them happier.

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Drive revenue

Brand/agency direct offers mean less middlemen. We offer you a significant margin increase vs. CPM based ad serving.

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We help apps like yours grow.

Our lightweight SDK is your shortcut to profitability.

  • Lightweight, easy integration
  • Stronger revenue model
  • Happy users that love getting sponsored
  • Better ROI than traditional CPM models
  • Instant partnerships with leading brands & agencies
  • Delivered to users in mobile native format
  • Full integration with all major social networks


Reward your users for doing what they are already doing.

We offer a variety of sponsorships to your users. Each is simple, profitable...for you and your users.

Share a Post Across Social
Get Rewarded for an Action
Create a branded post
Brands donate on your behalf

Just a few of our brand sponsors.

Customizable colors
customizable fonts

Lightweight SDK, easy integration.

Get up and running quickly with our simple SDK integration and reward your users for sharing across social.